Dofus Ogrines Free Générateur Hack 2013

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Dofus Ogrines Free Générateur Hack 2013

Official Blog:

Ogrines is the game curreny of dofus which can be used for elements such as:

*For Subscription*

Choose the length of subscription you want, as you normally would, and when choosing a payment method, select Ogrines. Then follow the instructions.

*To enable services*

Choose the service such as

change face
makeover package [change both color face]
guild emblem change
guild name change
transfer a character
restore a character
change sex
change name
add a character
change color

*To obtain kamas*

Directly available in-game, a button will allow you to display the Kama Exchange where you can exchange your Ogrines for other players' Kamas

DOFUS ogrines Generator can be used once per 24 hours to get any random pack of ogrines in your account free so that you should not face any shortage of ogrines.